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Nearly Done

Tracey Tracey's Blog

Well, it’s done. Okay, not done-done, but I have sent what I hope to be the last of the major revisions on my manuscript off to my editor. I am downright giddy. With fingers, toes, and eyes crossed, I’m enthused about  moving onto the next task – getting this thing in print!

I have to come clean – it’s my first novel but I have found the process of creating these people, and their lives, to be thoroughly seductive. I know them inside and out. They make me laugh and yep, they make me cry. How can this possibly be since all of them have come right out of my own imagination? (And, no matter how many times my mother asks, the answer is always the same: “No, Mom, it is NOT autobiographical.”) I have become absolutely attached to these dear folks as they make their way through, and beyond, every roadblock I put in their paths.

But I’ll be honest. In spite of my deep affection for this family, I think I speak for all of us when I say it was time for a much needed break!

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