Neighbors Helping neighbors

Tracey Good News

I came across a great story this week, thank you KIEM, and I’m happy to pass it on to you.

Vicky Gage suffered life altering spinal damage that left her unable to walk. After over two months in the hospital she returned home, where she is virtually confined by the steps that lead to her front door.

When manager Mitchell Mann of McKenny’s Building Center heard of her plight, he discussed Gage’s situation with the McKenny general manager.They were in agreement – McKenny’s would donate the necessary $600 in materials required to build Gage a ramp into her home.

In addition, two handymen have volunteered to construct the ramp for Gage. One of these generous men, Johnny Gutirrez said “…the least I could do was donate my time…”

People pitching in to help each other. Good news, don’t you think?

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