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Tracey Ask Tracey

Q: A few months ago I filed for divorce from my husband of 31 years. (Sadly, I should have done it 30 years ago.) My adult children are fine with it, since they have always known how difficult their father is. It’s other people who say the dumbest things to me. Everyone has an opinion. How do I handle these comments? I don’t want to be rude but it is none of their business.

A: You’re right, your divorce is nobody’s business but your own. When someone offers up a comment that strikes you as wrong, make a clear statement, such as “I feel quite confident in my decision.” Then, simply change the topic. While this may feel a little jarring – after all, we’re taught that abruptly change topics is rude – you want to communicate that your private life is NOT up for discussion. Best of luck in your new life!

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