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On being present

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It’s tempting to drone on about my daughter’s wedding. (See this week’s Second Half column.) Yes, it was that special!

But I have to mention one tiny decision our bride and groom made, as it was certainly not an issue for wedding ceremonies just a short while ago. At the beginning of the ceremony, their officiant asked the gathered family and friends to “please, turn off your phones and please, do not take pictures.” He explained that, as these two entered into their sacred commitment, they wanted their guests “to be present.” (Really now, how present can you be if you are taking photographs?)

People happily complied. All of those smart phones that had been poised to record the event were silently put away. What was left? The undivided attention of very special people, all of whom had been invited to witness this union.

In this day of all things technological, it was a breath of fresh air to be bound together by real human connection.

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