Rolling Luggage

Pack for Purpose

Tracey Good News

Planning your next adventure? Here’s something any of us traveling can do, which is Pack for Purpose! ( It’s all about: Small Space, Little Effort. Big Impact.

It works like this. By adding just five pounds to your luggage, you can pack 400 pencils or five deflated soccer balls or a stethoscope and 500 bandaids or … any number of things children around the world could use. All it takes is five easy steps: 1)Select your destination.  (Click this link to see your options.) 2) Find a lodging and a project it supports, 3) Choose the supplies you wish to bring from the specific items requested, 4) Drop off the supplies at the lodging, and 5) Know that these supplies will be delivered for you; it’s that easy!

Really now, if you are going to be in the neighborhood anyhow … why not bring along something for the kids?

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