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People do change

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These days, I’m up to my ears organizing what I think is going to be a really wonderful show, “Wisdom in the Spotlight.” I will be hosting eleven talented people, every one of them in the second half of life, as they share their bits of wisdom. The topics they’s written about are wonderful, their stories memorable, and I think the community will be treated to a rewarding experience. Best of all, it’s a benefit  our local Humboldt State University’s branch of  OLLI, the national educational program for the over fifty learner.

But this isn’t actually the topic of today’s musings, not directly at least. No, what’s on my mind is how comical it is to find myself in the position of ‘producing’ live theater. When I was younger, if someone would’ve told me that I’d be doing this at my age, I would have enjoyed a hardy belly laugh. Not only was I lacking any interest in performing on a stage, but the thought of donning a producer’s hat? Yep, peels of laughter would have echoed throughout the land.

But here I am, in the midst of a very satisfying project, enjoying myself thoroughly. Here’s the very best part of the whole thing. Recognizing that we can change, that our interests can morph. We can open up to new experiences and risk different things. Sometimes it’s a pretty steep learning curve but it certainly does make life interesting, stimulating, and very satisfying.

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