Post-its of Generosity

Rosa’s Pizza & Kindness

Tracey Good News

The next time you’re in Philadelphia, make it a point to stop by Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, which just may get my vote for the best pay-it-forward pizza parlor in town.

Ever since 2014, when one of their customers bought a slice of pizza to give to a  homeless man, Rosa’s has made it a practice to do the exactly the same thing. As reported by ABC’s KPNI  News, this means the restaurant gives away about 44 slices of pizza a day. Do the math and you’ll discover that Rosa’s has donated more than 8,000 pieces of pizza since they began the program began nine months ago!

Every time a slice is donated, a post-it note goes up on the wall acknowledging the kindness and generosity of others. Great way to decorate, don’t you think? Let’s hope it’s a trend that catches on.

You can participate by going to their website … no matter where you live!

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