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Greetings from Portland, Oregon! As I have been blogging about these last few weeks, I am here to participate in Portland’s first ever production of “Listen To Your Mother.”  

It’s going to be the best kind of Mother’s Day – celebrating with 13 other remarkable women at the Alberta Rose Theater, as we share our stories.

And to put the frosting on the proverbial cake … before and after the show I’ll be with my family. Trust me, I’m wearing the happiest coat of gratitude right now. (Think bright yellow with smiles all over it!)  

But I also want to wish the many of you who are moms a very special day. As we all  know, raising children is one of the most demanding endeavors we can undertake. But no matter because it’s the very best thing I have done in my life!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo credit: Spotlight/IdeaGo

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