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Sounds of the sea

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Through the magic of computers, not to mention organizational skills and a great housesitter, you are reading this as my husband and I are cruising the waters off of British Columbia in the wooden boat he built us. Here’s another entry from the journal I keep on these annual vacations:

“Part of what I enjoy about being on the boat is all of the unique sounds that come with cruising. There’s the wind gently blowing through the surrounding trees … except during a storm, when it sounds like an out-of-control locomotive barreling down on our little boat . Or when the water carries the soft sound of voices from other boats anchored in the distance … laughter bouncing across the surface is my favorite. And in our berth at night, when all is still, I especially enjoy the crisp little pings of lines and the playful slaps of tide on the bow. Boating sounds, unlike so much of the noise we encounter in our regular daily lives.”

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