Bring it on!

Tracey Tracey's Blog

I’ve never considered myself to be especially techno savvy, although once upon a time, I did manage to rebuild the carburetor on my ’61 VW bug. And math? Ha! If a problem requires more than my ten digits, I head straight for the calculator. So (bear with me, this might not strike you as a logical leap)  my initial reaction to computers was less than enthusiastic. Fear, intimidation, flat out terror coursed through my veins the first time I sat in front of a computer, a behemoth of yesteryear. But eventually, I discovered the magic of computers and I was hooked. Enter blogging. Ok, the idea of writing a blog? Fun. But the thought of managing a blog, all of the behind-the-scenes stuff? I was nearly thrown all the way back to step one – stalled before I ever wrote my firsts post. I might still be frozen, staring into the headlights, if it hadn’t been for my very patient teacher, my dear son-in-law. (Amazing, right?!)  But now? The challenge is invigorating. I can almost feel my brain firing along at a healthy clip as solutions fall into place  – it’s gratifying. More than than, it’s downright fun!

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