Spring flowers


Tracey Tracey's Blog

Spring is here and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The new leaves, bright blooms, and all of this blessed sunshine – it feeds the soul.

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest a lifetime ago, many of my San Diego friends thought I was nuts. Why, they wondered, would I ever leave the near perfect climate that part of the world offers? Trust me, I had plenty of reasons, all of which meant saying goodbye to sunshine and warm temperatures. (Honestly? San Diego weather patterns had become a little boring. There was no real seasonal shift, as one time of year simply slid into the next.)

Sure, the rain and fog of this area take their toll on all of us. And what about the seemingly endless gray skies? Yuk! But just about when we are all ready to pack up and head south, these beautiful months arrive. We throw open the windows, bask in the sunshine, and watch the fresh flowers sway in the breeze.

As with so many things in life, there is usually the good with the bad. Knowing how to handle both sides of the equation is the key!  So for the moment, I am happily enjoying all of the ‘good’ our  little corner of the world.

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