Sunny Lake Shore


Tracey Tracey's Blog

This time of year, people around this part of the world typically yearn for sunshine and warmth. Some take off for Mexico while others shoot across the Pacific to Hawaii. No matter what direction, the goal is always the same – warmth and plenty of clear, blue sky. Can you blame them? For those of you who live beyond the Redwood Curtain of northern California, our average rainfall is somewhere around 40 inches a year and often, it is quite a bit more. However, it’s also the perpetual grey skies that can leave an even bigger mark on our psyches!

But what’s a little odd right now is that we currently have blue skies. Okay, there’s a  serious lack of warmth, but the difference all that lovely sunshine seems to make in our collective attitude is noticeable. People are out walking, smiling. Dogs are frisky, hearts seem lighter.

Sunshine. It’s a good thing.

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