School Sign: Congrats Bev! 27 Years; We Will Miss You XO XO XO

Thank you, Bev!

Tracey Good News

My three children were lucky enough to attend a small, rural school from kindergarten through eighth grade. The teachers were dedicated and of the highest quality. It was a fine education and I truly believe it was a large part of their ultimate success in the world. 

And then there was “Bev” –  the crossing guard/playground monitor of the century!  Every day, rain or shine – mostly rain – this cheerful, positive woman would greet the children and escort them across the street. In between, she’d tirelessly referee playground drama. No matter what,  she always gave out hugs and praise to every child who came across her path. Day in and day out, she made a difference in children’s lives!

Bev has just retired after 27 years of service to our children and our community. Thank you, dear Bev, for the way you touched so many lives. You will be missed!

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