Rowboat by the pier

The Best Vacation Ever

Tracey Tracey's Blog

I have returned from vacation feeling fully refreshed and comfortably invigorated, which is exactly what I think vacations are supposed to do. For me, this meant lazy time on our boat in the crystal clear waters of the San Juan islands of Washington and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. It meant sunshine and warm evenings, wildlife and hiking. Most of all, it meant four adults enjoying an experience we have all been talking about for years.

We were a pretty fortunate group of two siblings and our spouses. (Get this  – there are 73 years of marriage between the the two couples!) It was an adventure full of discovery and challenge, good food and plenty of laughter.

Yep, this was not the kind of trip any of us took for granted! It was such a success we all plan on doing it again!

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