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Over the Christmas holiday, my husband and I had a wonderful trip visiting family. We pretty much drove the entire state from border to border, leaving Humboldt County in northern California and ending up in San Diego. A couple of things along the way struck me:

1. How do people in Los Angeles and San Diego survive that traffic every single day? This observation led me to wonder why we aren’t more progressive about mass transportation options in this great state of ours? It’s pretty silly, isn’t it?
2. Our state is suffering from tremendous drought. It was sad to see all of the lovely rolling hills brown and dry. I feel for the ranchers and farmers … their costs must be skyrocketing this year.
3. People really do know how to enjoy themselves! It was downright joyous to see so many different individuals and families having fun all along the coastline of California! (Admittedly, watching the family trying to surf in the pathetic “mini” waves just north of Santa Barbara was comical … but they were all laughing at the conditions as well, so apparently, all was not lost!)
4. Sacramento is my new favorite California city … because both of our daughters now live there. (Yes, I am that easily swayed!)
5. If you haven’t been to Pinnacles National Park, go! We had time for a lovely day hike through this magnificent terrain.

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