The Letter Exchange

TraceyGood News

This it a bit good news for those of you who remember what fun it was to open your mailbox and find a letter or card. “The Letter Exchange” ( has been around since 1982. It’s primary purpose is to connect people the good old fashioned way, via snail mail. Would you enjoy corresponding with someone about your cat? Maybe a pen pal who can discuss books is more to your fancy?  How about an armchair travel buddy? The list of topics is long. Know that your private information is well protected, as your letters are funneledthrough The Letter Exchange until the time that you, and only you, decided you’re ready for the other person to have your actual address.  For more information, you may write to them at: The Letter Exchange, 855 Village Center Drive #324, North Oaks, MN , USA 55127-3016 And please, keep me “posted” on how this works out for you!

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