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The sign says it all

Tracey Good News

In Denver last month, realtor Joe Manzaneres’s car ran out of gas. On the corner, a homeless man, Chris Razec, quickly dropped his sign that read,  “Homeless, Cold, and Hungry” so he could help push the car out of the intersection.

These days, Razec is holding a different sign, one that advertises Manzaneres’s business, while earning Razec a guaranteed income. In addition, this grateful realtor, determined to help Razec get better employment, has also helped Rezac get new clothes, a cell phone, bus pass, and resume.

As a result of this initial exchange, Manzanerer, with the help of the Denver Mayor’s office and the city’s homeless coalition, is spreading the idea of hiring the homeless throughout Denver.

Seems like a win/win to me!

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