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I’m taking a week off  and here’s why.

When I signed with my publisher at the end of last summer, I was thrilled! But I also recall asking for one thing … that book business not happen during May. Why? Our wonderful first born and her beloved partner – a dear man whom we all adore – would be getting married June first. I wanted the entire month to be free from anything extra so that, in addition to my regular work commitments and other writing projects,  I could concentrate entirely on the upcoming nuptials.

Well, Murphy’s Law struck again. My book ended up being launched May second! You guessed it.  By day,  I have been up to my ears in book related events and responsibilities. And by night? I turn into the Crafting Queen of the northern hemisphere.

But you know what? It’s all manageable and I think I understand why. I’m absolutely thrilled by both endeavors. I feel energized by book related activities and excited about wedding details. Of course, it helps that on both projects (!) I have such lovely people to work with.  It seems that everyone I meet when doing book business is enthusiastic and supportive. On the wedding front?  Fortunately, my daughter is all grown up. She’s beautifully organized and maintains a delightful attitude. (No Bridezilla here!) And here’s an added bonus. Our  future son-in-law is a work horse who’s not afraid to jump head first into wedding details. (I know, not your typical groom!)

However, in spite of the book related fun, you now know why you won’t have any new posts next week. I’m taking the entire week off for making beautiful memories!

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