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Tracey Tracey's Blog

Between my work as Life Coach, my print column, this blog, and my involvement in a variety of social circles, I hear many different stories about what the holiday season means to people and how they plan on celebrating. I know some folks who are thrilled to be off to Yellowstone National Park with their entire, multi-generational family  and others who are happiest keeping it all very simple, preferring to hunker down at home and perhaps only see a friend or two.

To me, this is the best possible message during this time of year; do whatever it is that makes you comfortable and fills you up.

For some people, this may mean finding ways to make the day pass quickly. There are countless people who have reason to be sad around this time of year. If you are one of them, please honor your needs because, clearly, this is a holiday where one size does not fit all.

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