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Where did the year go?

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The last few months have been zooming by. Admittedly, I was pretty caught up in all of the details of developing and then presenting my show, Wisdom in the Spotlight. But wow, it’s mid-November! Where has the last year gone?

It really hit home this week when I read that Listen To Your Mother, a show I did last May, had announced their new, 39 city line-up. The news stirred up something deep and downright precious within me. Quite simply, participating in this production was one of the most positive experiences of my life! As well, it was my storytelling experience with LTYM  that inspired me to pursue my idea of a show that celebrated the life lessons of elders to live among us … and Wisdom in the Spotlight was born!

I encourage all of you with an interest in any aspect of motherhood to check out the LTYM website, Trust me, you will be in for a life-altering experience!

Oh, how I miss those dear women and their amazing stories! Interested in what we all had to say? For your pleasure, click the link below.

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