The Women Roofers

Women Roofers

Tracey Good News

Here’s what the Rutherford Housing Partnership has to say about “Women Roofers.” ( “In the fall of 2002, a Sunday school class of First Baptist Rutherford volunteered to repair the leaky roof of a house. But only three showed up – all women – to help the skilled leader.They fully expected him to say something to the effect of, “Well, we’ll have to try another day when we get some REAL help.” Nope. He said, “Let’s get to work” without giving a second thought to the fact that they were women who had no clue what to do.” Ten years later, an estimated 60 women have repaired or replaced a roof for a low-income individual or organization. While these women face some physical limitations, their creative problem solving and commitment to cooperation, continues to get the work done.

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