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Yes, they are smart phones

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I have to admit that I’m one of these people who is pretty enamored of my smart phone. Fortunately, I can also say that I am not totally addicted to it. While I fully appreciate it as a piece of very functional technology, I’m also quite happy to turn the darned thing off when I want a break from the world.

Consequently, I’m hardly an “apps” aficionado  I have installed a few apps that meet my needs but again, there’s a limit. So you can imagine my surprise when my daughter introduced me to “mapmyrun,” an app that tracks every aspect of your exercise. For starters, it’s not just for runners. I am able to map my walks, check my rate, my distance, and/or the calories I’ve burned. A semi-robotic voice will even cheer me on if I so desire. (I doubt I’ll tap into that feature – too creepy!) The best part of all? It’s absolutely free!

I think it’s great when I can add some zest to my morning exercise. (Show of hands … anyone else get burned out with doing what we know is good for us?) How handy that this little app is doing just that.

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